ESSENTIUM is focused on ‘Healthy Life for all’.

Every day we face pollution in air and water, unhealthy food which may be high in calories, sedentary lifestyle with poor posture; and stress in personal and professional life. As life expectancy increases, more and more people face issues such as joint pain, neck and back pain, skin ailments, weight gain, sleep disorders, gastric trouble and low energy levels.

As our name suggests, ESSENTIUM PHYGEN is focused on alleviating ‘Essential’ health concerns using ‘Phytology’, the science of plants.

ESSENTIUM uses cutting edge Manufacturing and Analytical Methodologies to provide unique solutions to daily health issues.

ESSENTIUM brings you a wide range of high-quality premium health products covering conditions like joint and muscle pain, sleep and anxiety disorders, energy and vitality, hair and skin disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and weight management.

At ESSENTIUM, natural therapies are created using the finest ingredients handpicked from the choicest of natural sources. Our products are scientifically processed in fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with in-house extraction and well-equipped laboratory. Modern analytical and measurement techniques are deployed to ensure that each batch is uniform and is equally safe and effective.

Listed below are some of the innovations that we apply to transform ‘Plant Profusions’ into meaningful therapies for your health and wellness, by our team of scientists and specialists to meet the modern health needs of contemporary lifestyle. 

“Transdermal Patches” for instant and long-lasting relief

“Optimum Concentrated Extract” for increased efficacy

“Quick-absorb Technology” for fast and long-lasting relief

“Nano Technology” for faster absorption and zero-toxicity

We are committed to the safety and effectiveness of our products through usage of only unadulterated and safe natural ingredients in our formulations. Our commitment extends to every step of customer interaction including the mention of right information on the product label.

We believe in educating the importance of healthy living and also the significance, effectiveness, safety and usage of natural ingredients as we continuously strive to promote healthy living through healthy-active diet and active lifestyle.

ACTIVE DAILY NUTRITION for a better quality of life brought to you by ESSENTIUM.

TM: ESSENTIUM PHYGEN is a registered trademark owned by Eliph Nutrition Private Limited. RHUVAL, EVVER, VITTUM, RESTOPATCH, APERLAX, HERBOREST, HERBOGLO, ZEROVA, ENDURON and INTELLEX are the product brands owned by Eliph Nutrition Private Limited.