Restopatch is India’s first herbal patch for restful sleep which helps fall asleep faster and easier. It helps overcome sleeplessness, stress and symptoms of jet-lag, through sustained drug release. It is also helpful for people who work during night shifts and find it difficult to sleep during the day. It is manufactured with Patented Technology, is non-allergic to skin and is non-habit forming.

Restopatch is a safer and side-effect free alternative to oral pills and a non-messy, non-smelly alternative to sprays and oils. Restopatch sticks seamlessly on the affected area. The penetration enhancer in Restopatch opens up the pores in the skin for the medicine to get absorbed. The medicine bypasses the GI tract eliminating any gastric irritation or systemic side-effects to renal functions
Restopatch is convenient to use – simply peel one patch from the sheet and stick on the neck behind the ear or on the upper arm, on an area without hairs. Once in place on the body, it releases a controlled amount of medicine through the skin to help start sleep and stay asleep throughout the night, so that you wake-up fresh in the morning.


External Application
Natural Sleep
Quality of Sleep
Non-Habit Forming
Wake-up Fresh

DISCLAIMER: Restopatch is not a substitute for anxiolytics or other psychotropics. Results with Restopatch may not be satisfactory for those who are using alcohol or psychotropic substances as sleeping aid.

Product Range

Rs. 537.00 Rs. 597.00
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Herborest CR capsules help overcome sleeplessness, stress and anxiety. The ingredients present in Herborest CR helps in synthesis and secretion of Melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, and induce sleep. Herborest CR is non-habit forming and you wake up fresh the next morning.